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Sandakan Memorial Park

A perfect place for history enthusiasts, the Sandakan Memorial Park is located 11 km outside of Sandakan. It is located on the original site of the World War II POW (prisoners of war) camp. The memorial park tells the tragedy and atrocity occurred between January and August 1945 in the...


A Day at the Mahua Falls, Tambunan

Waterfalls are beautiful and the ideal place to relax your mind. I remember watching documentary about the large concentration of negative ions around the falls that give you a peaceful feeling. In Sabah, there are many beautiful waterfalls and the famous one being the 7 tiered Maliau Falls deep in...


Western Tarsier

  Western Tarsiers or tarsius bancanus are known as ‘kera hantu’ among the locals here. These nocturnal creatures have furless face except for tufts at the tips of their ears and large ‘O’ saucer like eyes and long hind legs. Their diet includes small animals, insects and they have acute...


Kota Belud Tamu (open market)

Be sure to visit the Tamu Kota Belud (Kota Belud Market) which normally held on every Sunday from 6am to 2pm. It’s where traders gather and sell their local produce such as vegetables, fruits and many others. Annually, Kota Belud will organize the Tamu Besar (Big Market), the largest tamu...


Volunteers Save One Life and Treat 565 locals

  2012 Sukau Medical Camp What happens 68 Volunteers get together?   Follow the link below to read the latest project by BEST ( Borneo Ecotourism Solutions & Technologies Society) a community and environment not for profit division of Borneo Eco Tours.