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Borneo’s incredible biodiversity – Borneo Big 5

Borneo’s tropical rainforests and climate provide the ideal conditions for a wide variety of species to thrive. The tropical forests are home to many well-known mammals, some less known and a steadily growing number of newly discovered ones. These forests provide food and shelter for mammals ranging from the pygmy...


Western Tarsier

  Western Tarsiers or tarsius bancanus are known as ‘kera hantu’ among the locals here. These nocturnal creatures have furless face except for tufts at the tips of their ears and large ‘O’ saucer like eyes and long hind legs. Their diet includes small animals, insects and they have acute...


My First East-Sabah Experience – FINALE!

On day 3 we had to say goodbye to the friendly staff and the superb Sukau Rainforest Lodge. We continued our trip to this awesome ‘island’ called Selingan Island. We departed from the jetty in Sandakan and during the first 15 minutes we passed by a huge water village – and saw a mosque...