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Things to do around Sabah in November

October has left the building but November is here and we sure know what that means – holiday season is back in town! In case you aren’t as prepared as we are, worry not! We have listed events with interesting activities for you to be a part of. Check them...

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Things To Do Around Sabah In August

Farewell July, and hello August! Time is going by pretty fast in 2017, no? Can’t believe it’s already August! A lot is in stored for us this month including our National Day celebration! If you’re not sure what to do around Sabah this month, here are some ideas: Dinner In...

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Things To Do Around Sabah In July

So June has left us and we hope that you had a good Ramadhan month and are having an amazing Eid Mubarak celebration!  Just don’t over-do-it with the rendang and kuih raya, alright? Besides visiting friends and relatives, and feasting during the Raya season, there are many other things to...