A Day at the Mahua Falls, Tambunan

Waterfalls are beautiful and the ideal place to relax your mind. I remember watching documentary about the large concentration of negative ions around the falls that give you a peaceful feeling. In Sabah, there are many beautiful waterfalls and the famous one being the 7 tiered Maliau Falls deep in the heart of Sabah’s rainforest. To access the waterfall is no easy job unless you are fit and book a tour, willing to spend a few days and brave the thick forest, leeches and fatigue to enjoy a dip at the waterfall. There are also many small waterfalls that are not so popularly known including those at Mt. Kinabalu, the Crocker Range and Danum Valley.

But my heart yearns to discover a waterfall at the Tambunan district called Mahua Fall. The fact that this fall is easily accessible is irresistible. It takes approximately 1 ½ hour drive to reach the waterfall. There are a few options to reach this destination, either you use the old KK-Keningau road or driving from Ranau. We opted for KK-Keningau as there are several other attractions on the same way such as the Kipandi Butterfly Park and rafflesia Information centre. The drive from Ranau is not a bad option especially if you intend to visit Kinabalu Park, Mesilau and Poring before heading to this fall. From Tambunan town, it takes about 16KM drive to reach Mahua. The road condition is good, sealed and road upgrading work is performed at some sections.
When we reached Mahua, we paid the entrance fee of RM3.00 per adult. From there, we trekked about 500M along boardwalk in a rainforest. The walkway is quite flat, and the scenery especially the river was stunning. The sound of water cascading down from waterfall appeared to be nearer as we trekked further. What popped before our eyes later was a magnificent 17 meters high falls. It was really a blessing for photography fan like me. You may take a dip here. There are hut to rest and public toilet for visitors. Depending on time, this tourist attraction was not crowded at all unlike other places. Having a picnic lunch here is best to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

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