The Faces of Malaysian Borneo

Orang Ulu, Sarawak
Ever wonder who are the indigenous people of Borneo? Are they similar to other tribes in neighbouring islands like, Taiwan or in the Pacific Islands? Indeed, they have some similarities to other tribes but they speak in their own dialect and many other unique ways of life distinguish them from others.
Kadazan, Sabah
There are more than 60 ethnic groups scattered throughout the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo. Among the famous groups in these states are the Ibans, Kadazandusun, Dayak, Murut, Bajau, Melanau, Rungus, Bidayuh and Bruneians. Other than the ethnic group, the Chinese and other minority groups make up the rest of the population here. When you pay a visit here, you will meet them at airports, some work as your chauffeur, your guide and also serving you in hotels and restaurants. Don’t worry about language barrier. Most of them can converse in basic or excellent English, making it very convenient for your travel.
Iban, Sarawak
Modernization that swamp across the cities and towns means the people here live a modern lifestyle but many of their cultural values are still preserved. The ethnic groups have unique dance that represent their identity. Ngajat (Ibans), Sumazau (Kadazandusuns) and Magunatip (Murut) are among the iconic dances that blend harmoniously with to beats of gongs and other local music instrument. 

Rungus, Sabah

With the harvest festivals (Pesta Kaamatan in May, Sabah and Hari Gawai in June, Sarawak) approaching, we wish our clients a delightful visit in the festive month of May and June. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals as you kick off your journey through the hinterland of Borneo.

Murut, Sabah
Bajau, Sabah

Pix: Susan Soong, Albert Teo & Willie Ki

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