Night Life in Borneo

Apart from enjoying peaceful nights in a pristine jungle of Borneo, you too can have an opposite experience during your spare time in the urban Kota Kinabalu (KK) or Kuching city. The night life here is literally showered with increase in options and level of quality. Thus, a night out in KK or Kuching is getting better with every new establishment that brings something fresh to scene. Either you are party go-er or just enjoying family outing, you are spoilt for choices. Entertainment outlets such as karaoke lounges, cinemas, pubs, bistros or night clubs are ubiquitous.

d6b12-_dsc0070The main KK’s happenings are centered at the sea-facing esplanade that is renowned as the liveliest area in town. You will find some lustrous night spots, the likes of Shamrock Irish Bar, The Loft, Cock & Bull Bistro at the K.K. waterfront. These pubs feature alfresco seating overlooking the quaint sunset at South China Sea. After some chatting, head down and check out the discotheques with local party goers that provide you a totally different scene of KK. B.E.D (Best Entertainment Destination) at the Waterfront which is 2011 Sabah Tourism Award Winner provides a spacious and great ambience. On the other hand, Shenanigan’s Fun Pup at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu is one of the must-visit bistros in KK. This cozy pub turns into fun discotheques after hours goes live with entertaining life bands and friendly locals mingling around like a melting pot.
Other night spots that you should not miss are the new clubs and pubs which are abundant at the KK Times Square. Pubs and Bistros such as Sullys Bar, Jarrod & Rawlins or Vino Vino Bistro open until 1:00am. If you are keen for a final groove, check into one of these nightclubs; WhiteRoom, Chocolate Factory or Firefly Bar & Grill for final beat.
In Sarawak, most of the night happenings take place at the Kuching Waterfront, along the scenic Sarawak River. Several interesting spots which only operate at night such as The Junk or James Brooke Bistro also provide delighting ambience for wine and dine.
The night life in Borneo would be unforgettable and more meaningful especially after making some new friends or mingling around with the locals. The night out usually extends until dawn when clubbers end their party with delicious breakfast at “Kak Nong” or “Salim” in KK – local coffee shops that operate at 24 hours, serving “Teh Tarik” (hand-pull milk tea), or “Teh O Ais Limau” (iced lemon tea) to relieve from their alcohol intake.
By Melissa Lim

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