Chinese New year Open House 2012 in KK

Chinese New Year is around the corner. If you are not going anywhere or happen to visit Kota Kinabalu between 23rd to 29 Jan 2012, why not pay a visit to one of the open houses here. You have the chance to sample various types of Malaysian food and most of all, mingle around with the locals. Most of the open house here are organised by political parties, associations or community leaders. Below are the scheduled open house based on online sources – as of today:
PKR – 23 Jan 10am – 12pm, SM Kian Kok Hall, Kota Kinabalu
SAPP – 24 Jan 10am – 1pm, SM Kian Kok Hall, Kota Kinabalu
DAP Sabah – 29 Jan 10am- 1pm, SM Kian Kok Hall, Kota Kinabalu

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