Borneo Ranks Top 10 in Lonely Planet’s 2012 Best in Travel List

Next year round, if you are ready for a long distance travel and planning to leave your footsteps in a life enriching experience, BORNEO, is your destination to be. Being the third largest island after Greenland and Papua New Guinea, Borneo offers travelers an opportunity to witness the unique contrast of other societies, cultures and natural phenomenons. With its competitive advantage as one of the last tropical island paradises and holding strong on tidal waves, Borneo ranks no. 9 in Lonely Planet 2012 Best in Travel List.
 “The East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, tiny but oil-rich Brunei and Indonesian Kalimantan are home to the world’s oldest rainforests, the region’s third-highest peak and some of the world’s best diving. The indigenous Dayak peoples add a layer of intriguing cultural complexity and, of course, there is also that cutest of primates – the cheeky orang-utan. Better still, your budget will go a long way here. A typical meal in a local coffee shop will only set you back US$2 and tourist numbers are only 10% that of mainland Malaysia or Indonesia” 
 ~ Shawn law (Lonely Planet Asia region writer).

To find out more about Borneo, please click HERE

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