Stomping Sabah 2011 Rocks Kota Kinabalu

14th – 15th October 2011
Held for the third time, Stompin Sabah is the biggest music and arts festival in Sabah. Our friend, Joe had a wonderful time rubbing shoulders with the rest of the crowd who thronged Tanjung Aru Beach on 14th October. Here is what he has to share with us:
Standing or sitting down in a large crowd didn’t seem like a big problem at all for everyone that night. Though the temperature was a bit hot, everyone sticks to where they are in full concentration and enthusiasm as the night rolls on. That night wasn’t just a normal First Beach Tanjung Aru ambiance. Sounds of wave hitting the beach was no more dominating the silence in fact, it’s almost none-existent.
It was a night full of limelight where everybody was united by a universal language called ‘music’. There’s no boundary because ‘music’ is a word of equality understood by everyone. Local Sabahan bands took control of the night as they respectively came on stage to show the audience how to rock. Fast guitar riffs followed by the thunderous beat of the drums filled the air while groups of dancers also had their chance perform their best dance flicks. Stomping Sabah 2011 rocked big time and it’s interesting to see that we have tons of talented musicians and dancers here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 
Pix & text: Joebonaventure Matius
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