Top 10 Emerging Destinations for Green and Sustainable Travel

Wildlife river safari in Kinabatangan, Borneo

There’s no doubt about it, Borneo is fast gaining recognition as a popular green destination. This was reaffirmed, with Borneo recently picked by e-TurboNews as one of the Top 10 emerging destinations for green and sustainable travel. e-TurboNews is a leading online news provider for global travel trade. Also given special attention are superb destinations like Jordan, the Philippines and Belize which,collectively make travelling a wholesome experience for us, who love the environment and people.

The article is dedicated to destinations that are blessed with natural wonders while extensive measures are taken by responsible authorities or private companies to appreciate the destinations’ unique cultures, natures and simultaneously contribute to conservation of the environment, as well as improving the livelihood of the local community. Best of all, some of these efforts involve a helping hand from the travellers – what a  priceless experience!
Check out the full list of the top ten destinations on e-TurboNews
Read about how a local Bornean ecolodge strives to save the paradise on earth: Sukau Rainforest Lodge
Pix: Susan Soong

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