The 6th International Folklore Festival 2011, Sabah

What a sparkling costume of Kazakhstan contingent

The 6th International Folklore Festival was successfully held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 24th-26th July 201. This event has provided a vast platform for the cultural enthusiasts around the world to enjoy and witness the beauty and uniqueness of cultural dances, traditional costumes and extravagant performance by international ethnic groups.

An enchanting dance with martial art move

This year,18 countries took part; including Asian and European contingents thus created a magnificent blend of East meets West cultures. Contingents from around the world; India, Slovakia, Latvia, Namibia, Taiwan, Belgium, Malaysia, Estonia, China, Indonesia, kazakhstan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand, Phillipines and Egypt gathered together to sway the audience in Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang. China wooed the crowd with their exquisite blend of Shao-lin martial arts plus the combination of solid dance choreography which entitled them the championship for this year.

Chinese contingent with their


Sabah Tourism Board (STB) decided to make Sabah International Folklore Festival ( SIFF ) as an annual event in conjunction with its effort in promoting cultural Tourism since 2009. The programs in the SIFF has improved gradually which include international and local folklore competition, folk art exhibition, cultural exchange workshops and tourist excursions to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kinabalu National Park and various places of interest in Sabah.

See Tour of Kota KinabaluText : Melissa Lim
Pix : Kenneth Tay

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