Participate in Borneo Kites Fest 2011

Isn’t it mesmerizing to see hundreds of colorful kites in the blue blue sky? If this is what you wish to experience, do come and join us in the Borneo Kites Fest 2011 which will be organized in Bintulu, Sarawak for four days starting Sept 22.
As of today, more than 200 kite flyers from 33 countries have confirmed their participation. Kite flying enthusiasts from as far as Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China, Switzerland and South Africa are among the participating countries for this year’s festival, the seventh to be organised since 2005. An estimated 90 Malaysian kite flyers from several states and clubs will also join and make this event merrier.
The festival would among others feature the world kite fighting championship, national and international level modern and traditional kites show, traditional kite making demonstration and workshop. A trade exposition, fun fair and stage cultural performances are also featured in the program line up.
By Willie Ki
Source: BERNAMA, July 08, 2011

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