Sago Festival Coming Up

Sago tree
Mark your calendar and make your way to Kuala Penyu, Sabah for the 18th Sago Palm Festival from 9-10 July this year. Sago palm, scientifically known as Metroxylon Sagusor Metroxylon rumphii is a member of the Palmae (palm) family. Let’s have an interesting day tour in understanding the importance of this plant that serves as a staple food to the local community in the past. Sago palm tree was also called “The tree of a thousand used”. With its variety of usage, the legacy of Sago palm is remains significant. Although not fully consumed as staple food, sago remains a significant cultural symbol to the local community of Kuala Penyu.
Eating sago worm

Delving into the past, the palm leaves were valuable for house roof thatching, basketry, clothing and even religious ceremonies. Derived from the interior of the trunk is the starchy bland substance. This part is cooked and served as meal called “Ambuyat”. Just dip into some sauces and the most unique part is the way it is eaten using a bamboo fork called “Chandas”.

So, are you ready to enjoy a two hour drive from Kota Kinabalu to witness this unique event? No doubt, it would be thrilling to celebrate the many uses of the Sago palm and its roles to the local community of the South West coast (Kuala Penyu, Papar, Beaufort ) of Sabah. A Rumbia Information Centre at Kampung Kasugira in Kuala Penyu will welcome you complete with exhibition and handicraft displays as well as demonstration of the making of Sago delicacies.

By: Melissa Lim
Pix: Joebonaventure M. (sago worm)

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