Famous Photographer Amazed by Brunei’s Underwater Life


While Sabah’s islands are best known as diving spots by international divers, here is a discovery in Malaysia’ neighboring country, Brunei. William Tan, a famous Singaporean underwater photographer who recently undertook a four-day diving expedition in the waters of Brunei Darussalam believes that the Sultanate’s untouched coral reefs and diverse marine life can match those of other famed diving hotspots in the region.

On his impressions of his first-time diving in Brunei waters, William revealed that the fishes and creatures in the waters here are not afraid of people and it provides ideal opportunities to take pictures.

The 47-year-old has travelled around the world to photograph and document unique marine life. Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan and Solomon Island are just some of his previous diving destinations. William started taking underwater photos since 1995, and his photographs have been published in popular magazines such as Scuba Divers AustralAsia, Asia Divers, Easy Dive and Sport Diving.

“I never would have imagined to find so many different diving sites here in Brunei,” he said. He even had come across an old oilrig, shipwrecks, coral reefs and sandy corals during his diving expedition.
William hopes that Brunei would become a hot spot for divers from around the region. He suggests that the Brunei government would take steps to protect the delicate marine life from pollution and overfishing.”By establishing a marine park in Brunei, the visits of tourists would be strictly controlled, and revenue from such a park could be used for conservation activities or measures”, he said.
Source & photos: www.brunei-online.com
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