First Paragliding Accuracy World Cup Sabah 2011

Sabah will be the meeting point for 58 participants from 10 countries who will take part in the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup 2011 to be held for the first time here on June 10–12 at the Lohan Hill, Kampung Ulu Lohan, Ranau. They are from Taiwan (2), Slovenia (4), Indonesia (9), Hungary (2), Japan (1), China (15), Serbia (4), Qatar (3), Montenegro (3) and Malaysia (15).The event is jointly organised by Sabah Tourism Board with Malaysia and Kinabalu Paragliding Club and exclusively a part of a world paragliding tour organised by Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). International participants will compete to earn as much points as they could to be ranked as the world champion of paragliding by the time the tour ends at its last venue.

This year, the tour is held in six countries namely Lithuania, Austria, Serbia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Germany. It is a competition aimed to test the accuracy landing of the paragliders where they will take off from one point, Lohan Hill, and land at Kampung Ulu Lohan on a designated spot. The more accurate a contestant lands, the more points he or she will collect, and vice versa.

The public is welcomed to witness this event at both the take-off and landing points. if you are interested to fly, tandem will be available at a certain fee on the launching day at 10am.

Source: Borneo Post.
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