Sabah Agriculture Park – So Wow!

Here comes the botanical experience! Indulge in a world of blossoming flowers and even non-flowers enthusiast like me also intrigued by the spellbinding aroma. My last visit to Sabah Agriculture Park was about 2 years ago but it was never too late to express my never fading experience of staying in this magnificent park. My visit started with a 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu to the interior of Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo. No doubt, traveling by train was out of the question as the KK-Tenom railway was still under reconstruction and not ready for a classic style of traveling. My journey will be remembered as the one that crisscrossed the Crocker Range accompanied by the dazzling views of mountain range, countryside and occasionally you would find your car shrouded in mist as you drive past Gunung Emas area. The journey will also pass through Tambunan Valley which is famous for its paddy fields and country views. Do some light shopping in Tambunan or Keningau as you like.
Giant water lilies
So, it would be great if you depart early in the morning so that in the noon, you have more time to enjoy the sights of the colorful landscapes. There are several attractions here that you must explore such as the Native Orchid Centre which features about 400 species of orchids where some of them are endemic to Borneo, the Living Crops Museum which showcases hundreds species of plants and Plant Evolution & Plant Adaptation Garden, a place to learn about the 3.5 billon years of earth’s history. You may also like the fact that the park offers sweeping views of tranquil lakes, some are embellished with flowering water lilies. In short, you will have plenty of opportunity to learn and take pictures of the diverse array of flora here.
If you wish to stay overnight, you may book the accommodation (dormitory or camp) inside the park in advance. There is a mini kiosk that sells light snacks and drink at the entrance. If you have car, it’s recommendable to go to the nearby Tenom town, which is just about 10 minutes drive for heavy meals. You may arrange BBQ dinner inside the park and having this is so fun in a group of friends. The park and its attractions are linked with pedestrian-friendly sealed road which makes cycling ideal (rental available) inside this park. What’s more, due to distance concerns, there is a mini train service that connects you to these attractions – your children will definitely love this! At leisure, you have the option to do boating and fishing at a surcharge. I can continue to write on what you can do here but I guess the rest you have to experience yourself.
Slipper orchid

Before you return home, be sure to visit the nearby Tenom town, literally known for its trademark coffee, pamelo fruits, and ‘corn’ chicken. Savouring a scrumptious meal at a restaurant here is always a highlight before visitors bid good bye to Tenom. You too may arrange a coffee factory visit in advance to see how coffee is processed.

Note: Sabah Agriculture Park closed on Monday unless a public holidays falls on Monday.
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