Ramadhan Baazars


e0ab5-ramadhanbaazarAugust marks the beginning of the fasting month for 2010 or known as Ramadhan for the Muslims around the world. The fasting month is the ninth month in Islamic calendar before the month of Syawal, where the Idul fitri or ‘Hari Raya’ in Malaysia is celebrated. Known for its multi-racial people living in harmony, the Muslims’ observation of the fasting month is respected by other community. The Muslims will get up early at dawn to start fast and will only take in the next meal and drink at dusk after prayers. During this holy month, one of the highlights would be the Ramadhan Baazars around the country where hawker foods will be on sale from noon until evening. The stalls are available at various locations designated by the local authority. A wide variety of tasty local dishes, pastries, desserts and drinks can be purchased at affordable price, tempting people from all walks of life and tourists to visit the stalls.

By Willie Ki

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