Tun Mustapha Tower, Kota Kinabalu

36a87-imgp1443Your visit to Kota Kinabalu will never complete without a visit to the 30-storey (122m) Tun Mustapha Tower. Named after Sabah’s former Chief Minister and Head of State, this circular tower of steel and glass stands is the most outstanding structures in Kota Kinabalu. Though it is located 5 kilometers from city centre, Tun Mustapha tower is visible from the Likas Bay in a picturesque backdrop of sea, island, mountain and village.
Completed in 1977, the tower was designed with a central core and steel brackets supporting each floor. The tower was one of the three buildings in the world based on this design concept. Did you know that when the construction of this tower was in progress, some western countries sent in messages thinking that we are building a rocket? Other events that had taken place here include the annual KL Tower International BASE Jump Merdeka Circuit since 2006 and the French ‘Spiderman’ Alain Robert scaled it in 1997.
The building features government offices, an auditorium, mini-theatres, exhibition foyer, a gymnasium, kindergarten and library. There is a revolving restaurant, Atmosphere Revolving Restaurant & Bar on the 18th floor. Enjoy lavish meals while the restaurant takes you for a leisurely 360 degree spin, offering panoramic 3D view of Kota Kinabalu’s vicinity and the South China Sea during day time. The restaurant opens from 11am to 11pm and closes on Monday.
The Tun Mustapha Gallery at the podium level of the tower is another attraction for visitors. Opened in 2006, the gallery showcases many of Tun Mustapha’s pictures, personal collections of memorabilia and suits. The gallery also operates a souvenir shop which specializes in locally made handicraft. All in all, the tower is a pride of the people of Sabah, Malaysia and Borneo.
You may visit the Tun Mustapha Tower by bus or taxi. If you are buying tour packages, most city tours will incorporate a short stop-over near this tower for photo-session.By Willie Ki

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