Try This Holiday Home When You Visit Kota Kinabalu

Can someone holidaying in Kota Kinabalu with a family of six still enjoy a memorable holiday while most of the accommodations in KK are booked during holiday seasons? I’m sure the Colonades and Api-Api Apartments are favourite alternatives as they are nestled right in a convenient shopping spree zone. But, searching for a holiday home can be cumbersome if the demand is high during holiday seasons.
Unfortunately, not many people know that there is a great alternative for a temporarily stay in Kota Kinabalu. It is indeed a secluded place, yet offering an unimpeded view, painted with the splendours of nature. Kiansom Villa, which is located 25 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu is spacious for a family of six (3 rooms).
Its location is definitely a bit far from shopping hotspots but if you opt for more privacy and relaxing ambiance, this is the right place. Swimming at the club’s pool, watching your favourite TV shows or admiring the serenity of the countryside are among the activities not to be missed. As you wish, organising party or even BBQ is possible with self-catering cooking facilities that allow you to prepare your favourite dishes – in conjunction with anniversaries or other important occasions.

The Kiansom Waterfall, Orchid De Villa and Mari Mari Cultural Village are some nearby attractions to be discovered if you are tired of incessant indoor activities.

The surrounding area is pretty safe with 24-hour security measure in place.

For more details of this holiday home, visit this website

By Willie Ki

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