My First East-Sabah Experience – FINALE!

On day 3 we had to say goodbye to the friendly staff and the superb Sukau Rainforest Lodge. We continued our trip to this awesome ‘island’ called Selingan Island. We departed from the jetty in Sandakan and during the first 15 minutes we passed by a huge water village – and saw a mosque too. It is a really unique combination if you see it in a photograph. After one hour we arrived at this beautiful island and we were free to snorkel, explore the island or to just swim and tan. At night before dinner time, we had to watch an educational video clip about the Green Turtle. The Green Turtles are mostly threatened by fishing nets where they get stuck in and the sale of the turtle eggs in local markets. What they do at Selingan Island is to close down the beach from sunset to sunrise so that the Turtles can come ashore and lay their eggs. The rangers will collect the eggs and put them in man-made incubation chamber. When the small turtles have hatched, the rangers set them free in the ocean. Unfortunately the fact had it that only 4% of these baby turtles would survive due to many challenges in their new habitat.
When we visited Selingan Island we were all part of this unforgettable experience. We saw the turtle laying eggs, which was amazing to see! The eggs look like ping pong balls and just fall into the hole that the turtle dug earlier. While the turtle was in the process of laying eggs, she was in a trance state. That night, our turtle laid 83 eggs. After that, she will close the hole with sand using her flippers. She will rest for a while and then go back to the ocean.
We had the opportunity to see the rangers showing us how they place the eggs in the hand-made hole before they set the little cute turtles free! We helped the turtles if they were going in the wrong direction. They were very small and move lively. After this wonderful experience, we went to bed.
The next day, which was the last day of our tour we return to Sandakan for a short city tour before catching our plane back to Kota Kinabalu.
I have to say that this trip was truly an amazing experience. I was able to see so much wildlife in a short amount of time! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!
The end!
Stephanie Croymans

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