Dragon Boat Race Kota Kinabalu (@ Likas Bay) – June 19 & 20

This weekend will see Kota Kinabalu hosting the annual (international) Dragon Boat Race for 25th time! This is always a much anticipated race with the old colorful Asian longboats, decorated with ancient Chinese characteristics – all wonderful to look at! During the Race the rival teams would row their boats forward to the rhythm of pounding drums. Being the champion of this race will be a great honor among the Chinese in this region. There are 9 categories up for grabs, for example; The Sabah Head of State Trophy, Sabah Dragon Trophy, Men Team Open 200 Meter Race and The Charity Race.
This Dragon Boat Race is still an important event in the Chinese culture, mostly because they want to continue the tradition to honor “the spirit of the dragon” which is the spirit of uniting and working together as a team for one common purpose.
Not only will the race get your attention, but also the delicious Chinese food, like dumplings are available in the stalls around the Boat Racing area.
You should check it out! Want more information? Check this website!

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