Borneo Bird Festival – October 2010

Sabah is a popular and fabulous destination for bird watching. A total of 622 resident and migratory species of bird have been recorded in Borneo, with 24 of endemics species are found in either Sabah’s hill slopes or in its montane forest. Some of the most sought-after endemic species include Whitehead’s Trogon and Whitehead’s Broadbill, the Blue-headed Pitta, the vividly colored Blue-banded Pitta and Bornean Bristlehead!!
Here’s a good news for bird watching fans! The Annual Sabah Bird Festival will be held on 15 – 17 October this year at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sandakan. This centre is located at the edge of the Sepilok Forest Reserve. In this lowland rainforest 250 species bird can be spotted – indeed a haven for the bird watching enthusiasts! Even all the eight species of the Hornbill, found in Sabah, can be seen in the Rainforest Discovery Centre! The 28m high canopy walkway and the observation tower would make you bird lovers even more excited, as it is a perfect place to snap cool images of the colourful birds in this paradise!

With the 12 day tour that Borneo Eco Tours has developed you are not only participating in the annual Sabah Bird Festival, but you will also witness a white range of exotic birds at various bird watching hot-spots, such as the Kinabatangan River, Kinabalu Park, Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve. You will be guided by our experienced bird watching guides throughout the program!

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