My First East-Sabah Experience – Part 3


On day 2 we had to be ready at 6 AM! Yes, 6 AM! We could see animals which emerged early in the morning to forage for food. While relaxing in the boat, we were sailing through this mystical fog searching for all kind of animals. Just imagine you are sitting in this small fishing boat (with only one other couple & the guide), it is foggy, and you are surrounded by nature, water and wind but the ONLY thing you hear are sounds of all kind of different animals. It is such a peaceful feeling. While the sun was rising we saw a lot of Macaques, doing their morning ritual: ‘playing together’ haha. And then YES, we saw HUGE crocodiles! 2 of them! That was really cool to see! Wild crocodiles! Then suddenly birds flew over the river, Hornbills to be exact, the Rhinoceros Hornbill to be more specific! It’s one of the largest of their species. They were a bit far away, but we could recognize their colored beak and the loud and harsh noise they make. We returned to the lodge to have some breakfast and on the way we saw Proboscis Monkeys on several trees. The breakfast, lunch and dinner are on the veranda (if it is not raining), which has a natural atmosphere! At 1 o’clock we got a boardwalk guided walk through the jungle, within the lodge area. Our biologist guide told us about all kinds of flora and fauna available in this area.


After lunch and some free time in the afternoon we proceed with our final river cruise on the Kinabatangan River. We went to the lake called the Ox-Bow Lake. We stopped there to trek through the jungle for an hour.

We saw a centipede (with a really scary face), a poison millipede, small leeches and a butterfly species called a nymph. The difference with a normal butterfly is that a nymph can glide. While being in the jungle you are not only looking for animals, but also at unusual trees for example. With beads of sweat on our faces we stepped into the boat again, and oops there was still a leech holding on to my top! On our way back we saw an eagle and proboscis monkeys. When we almost arrived at the lodge, while still enjoying the sunset we heard a real weird sound, like a really loud ‘WHOOP’. It turned out to be a Gibbon with a small baby sitting on a tree branch next to the lodge making this noise!
To be continued…

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