My First East-Sabah Experience – Part 2


Here are the cute elephants!

The same day at 5 PM our next river cruise started. This time it was in a small boat, like a fishing boat. These boats have a special electric motor that is more environmental friendly and makes less sound, to make sure the animals won’t get scared. This is a good thing for the animals, but also for us, so you actually have more chance to see the animals. Unfortunately you would see a lot of other boats passing by that are not environment & animal friendly!

We went into a small tributary to look for the Proboscis Monkeys. Our guide found a lot! This incredible ‘Dutch Monkey’ is, just like the other animals we saw, under threat of losing its habitat. Now I probably have to explain why they are called the ‘Dutch Monkey’. The Indonesian people gave this nickname to them during Dutch colonialism, because they noticed that Dutch colonizers often had a big belly and a large nose. Thank you for the compliment haha :-) ! We could see that each Proboscis Monkey family lives on one tree, with one male and several females. Around 6.30 PM we went back to our Sukau Rainforest Lodge, where we would stay for the next two nights. We enjoyed a wonderful sunset and captured it on camera. Before we could sit at the dinner table we had put on a Sarong, the traditional Malay clothing, which was provided in our room.
At 8.30 PM after dinner, we could go for another river cruise, in the dark of course. We wouldn’t want to miss anything, so yes please! At first we saw the Kingfisher, a small colorful bird. We could come actually very close and it just stayed calm on the branch. We moved on and it was also incredible to see what the guide could spot in a very short time, by only using his torchlight! Next we saw 2 small baby crocodiles and one a bit bigger. After this exhausting but impressive day it was time to go to bed.
to be continued…

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