My Stay in Borneo – Part 3


Makan, as the Malay word says for eating, is one of the most important things in the Malaysian culture. You makan hot dishes in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. At least the local people do. Me, I am sorry, but I cannot eat rice or noodles in the morning.
b6467-nyonya-colors-nasi-lemakBut KK has good dining places! First of all at the night market, but we already discussed that one. But if you walk further on there you have really nice restaurant which are also located at the waterfront. There are Indian, seafood and Italian restaurants. Slightly more expensive though. I Think about RM 18 – RM 25 for a dish (€4,14-€5,80 – £3,70-£5,11 – $5,60-$7,80). But the food is really good and the location as well! Then there is a kind of tourist place called Beach Street (BB café & Rainforest Café), where you can have a wholesome dinner and is a bit cheaper than the waterfront. Average prices are RM 14 (€3,25, £2,85 or $4,35) and if you want to have a Western dish then this is also possible. Every night around 9 o’clock there is entertainment. There will be 2 people singing and try to make your night even more fun. You can get here a lot of alcoholic drinks; beer, cocktails, liqueur etc. There is a gentlemen who sells shisha and you can play pool. This is a good place to have a nice chat and a good laugh.
82879-dscn1583Then there are the local places to eat. The first week I stayed in KK I was a bit hesitant to eat at a local place, until a colleague took me out for lunch and we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant. Well, you cannot really call it a restaurant, the word store suits better. And it was actually very nice. You just have to get over the fact that it is not as in the Western world. Everything LOOKS old and not really hygienic, but seriously it’s probably the best food you have in KK. On Gaya street you have a lot of great food stores. You can eat chicken, duck, while at some stores you can eat pork. Everything is served with rice, noodle or mee hoon (either fried or regular) and most of the times you get soup with your dinner. My favorite dishes are fried rice with sea food, Pandan Chicken & Nasi Lemak.
Other recommendations
• Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam (is also an Australian War Museum)
• Kampung Nelayan. This is a ‘floating’ restaurant. While having dinner you can enjoy a cultural dance (you have to get a taxi)
• 5 star local store on Gaya street.

Gaya Street Market Sunday

22c8c-gaya-street-day-timeThe Gaya street market is every Sunday morning on Gaya street. It starts early in the morning (07.00hrs) and it is always busy! And when I say busy, I mean really busy. The problem is that the streets are too small for the stalls and the number of people. You can find everything there: animals, fruits, clothes, souvenirs etc. It is a really unique experience, because you can see also a lot of local people who come there to buy their groceries. Remember that this market closes around 3. Gaya street itself is a really enjoyable street to walk through.
Only one description is necessary here: A LOT OF BIG SHOPPING MALLS! :-)

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