My Stay in Borneo

Hi guys!
I am Stephanie, 21 years old and I was born in the south of Holland. At the moment I am living in Kota Kinabalu. Yes, living… temporarily though. I am doing my practical here for my University and my total stay is 5 months. I am studying tourism, so at the moment I am working for a Tour Operator. That means I work during the week & I am off on Saturday afternoon and Sundays. In the weekends I try to see as much as possible from Borneo.
In Kota Kinabalu
Let me tell you what I know about this city called Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu is named after the biggest mountain in Southeast Asia: Mount Kinabalu, which is located in Sabah. Locals call Kota Kinabalu: KK, an easy shortcut. Kota Kinabalu is a small city, which makes it very nice. An important thing about this city is that it was completely burned down during the World War II. Only 3 buildings remained during this war: the Clock tower, the old post office where now the Sabah Tourism Board is located and the Lands and Surveys Building. If you look at the city now it looks good, ‘everything’ is totally renewed. When I say this, don’t think the Western way, but think the Asian way.
Night MarketI find the waterfront is one of the nicest places in KK. You start at the roundabout where the Shark statue stands high and pride. At this area they build a few benches where you can sit and watch the sunset and have a nice view on the Islands, close to the edge of KK. After this beautiful view you walk to your left and you walk along some small markets. One of them is the Handicraft markets. They sell a lot of souvenirs originally made in Sabah. Here you can get your presents for the people staying at home. But don’t tell them how cheap everything is ;-).

Now walk a bit further and then you will have the fascinating night market on your right. First you will see only fruits, but walk all the way to the back where the fresh fish market is located. You just have to follow the delicious smell of grilled fish and you will find your way. On your left and right you find market stalls with fresh fish like: prawns, lobster, squid, snappers etc. And don’t think it’s just a little fish, no it is BIG! You can choose your own one and they grill it for you and put some nice sauce and lime on it. The Sabahan people love lime. Most of the time you will get the rice for free and in my case we even got a nice dessert: Duku Langsat, which is a sweet fruit. We could take as much as we want. On that evening I ate a big prawn, rice & nice fruit desert and this all for the amount of RM 5! This is: €1,15, £1,02 or $1,55. After this satisfying meal we walked a little bit further where you can buy lots of vegetables, fruits and chili’s. Don’t you just like foreign markets? I seriously love them!
To be continued ….

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