Fish Massage – What an Experience!

61f84-cid_7dbeb8c5ae0945c8a600a1c665ddf2b940willieI have no doubt that Sabah is seeing an increase of massage parlours and spas, both high class and home-based. Just like in any other places, there is a common belief here that body and foot massage in particular has curative effect and promote blood circulation. Habitually, we will picture ourselves pampered by the soothing touch of masseur’ palms with massage oil all over our body and tired muscles. If you think having massage in a massage centre is cool, then you have not experienced how the nature too can do the same magic on you. Have you ever thought of getting your body massaged in a large pond of fish?
From a brief observation, fish massage is fast becoming a trend as many countries are offering similar fun activities. In Sabah, one of the most notable places to try this is at Sg. Moroli, Kg. Luanti, Ranau. The river is a tagal designated place where fishing is not allowed. The best thing is, you get to enjoy beautiful sceneries while the fish vying to kiss your foot in the turquoise Moroli River, 131 km from the state capital. Too bad, not a good idea if you are afraid of the sun. A minimum fee of RM5 for local visitor and RM10 for international visitor is required per entry. If you wish to try full body massage, the fee is RM10 for local visitor and RM25 for international visitor. Fish pellets at affordable price are available for sale at the registration counter. Cast the fish pellets onto the water and imagine your feet being kissed by hundreds of big and vivacious fish. Nevertheless it’s an exclusive feeling that you should experience yourselves!By Willie Ki

Photo credit: Lawrie Kinson

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