Cuti-cuti Sabah: Going into the mangrove P1

Disclaimer The content has been extracted from this blog: is my second time visited the KK City Bird Sanctuaryin Likas. The first time was 4 years ago, also during SIL’s visit to KK. Nothing much has changed, which is good; apart from some buildings deteriorated and closed down. DH & myself always apreciate this pleasant 1.5km boardwalk around the mangrove forest, while experiencing the ecosystem up close.


The Bird Sanctuary that remains is an important refuge and feeding ground for many species of resident birds, as well as several migratory bird species from Northern Asia. The Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary in Malaysia also acts as a breeding ground for the marine life that is protected by the Fishery Department of Sabah. Tiny fishes hide under the intertwined mangrove roots from feeding birds. [source]


Geared up with his binocular. He was quite excited spotting the mudskippers and fiddler crabs. Walking along the boardwalk, we could hear clucking/tapping sound made by the male fiddler crabs – as they wave their oversized claws high in the air and tap them on the ground in an effort to attract females.


“tap!” “tap!”


Quite interesting to see this amphibious fish uses its pectoral fin, to “walk” on mud.


Baby C enjoyed himself too
Mama, carry me please.


At the platform where the three generations were bird-watching.
We didnt see many birds, probably it was too early for the birds to come home (It was around 5pm). We spotted a little Egret and a kingfisher searching their pre-dinner meal.
The locals called this bird Keruak, or other name is the white-breasted Waterhen. I had always wanted to catch this bird when I was little; but it was too fast for me. It is one noisy bird that made the ruak ruak ruak

sound. I guess, that’s where it get its local name from.


Unfortunately, it is sad to see lots of rubbish in the mangrove swamp. Those rubbish probably was washed in during high tide, or could also dumped by irresponsible patrons. Wonder if people would ever change and start to care the environment. By the way, do you see a little crab next to the green bottle?

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