Food.. Glorious FOOD!!

Lunchtime in Kota Kinabalu

Thien Thien Fan Tien (Literally Translated as Everyday Rice Shop)

Friends from the Marketing, Admin and IT department of Borneo Eco and I had the opportunity to try out one of KK’s better known HALAL Chinese Restaurants, fondly known as Thien Thien Restaurant to the locals.  Located on Jalan Pantai, adjacent to the City Hall HQ, this restaurant would quickly fill up for lunch and dinner.

Susan and the Boys

The Girls

The most popular item on the menu would of course be the quickest to prepare such as Chicken Kon Low Noodle and Spicy Chicken Rice.  But being savvy (and discerning?) diners, we were there because we wanted to try out several of its recommended dishes.

Beancurd and Bamboo Shoot

Chicken in Black Vinegar Sauce

Bak Choy with XO Sauce

Seaweed and Seafood Soup

One thing was certain, when the food arrived, our table went silent.


Because everyone was happily eating.   :D

The food was good and engredients were fresh, plus it wasn’t pricy for a popular restaurant.

Can’t wait until the next lunch outing..  :pray:

By Mizal Khan

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