New Food Outlet in Kota Kinabalu.. or should it be Old Food Outlet?

Wisma Merdeka’s Well Known Food Court gets a Facelift

I was pleasantly surprised the other day, while walking along Wisma Merdeka. The old food court is going through a facelift and it looks great! For those who don’t know where it is, it is on the 2nd floor, old wing of Wisma Merdeka.

Just to tinkle your senses, here’s what you might see when you get there..

The food court offers a great variety of quick but delicious selection of local favourites such as Chicken Rice, Malay Food, Pizza, Vegetarian, Noodles etc.. etc..

The best thing is, food is cheap!!  By lunch time, this place would be packed with office executives and  managers alike, so if you’re there just before 11:45am, chances of getting a table would be better..

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