Bunga Raya, a hideaway for the Rich and Famous

Savour one of Borneo’s best in services and facilities.

A great experience just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Bunga Raya – This tropical genus of 220 species of plant produces brightly colored flowers, some with flamboyant petals that could liven up even the most listless of souls.
My story is directed towards Gayana Eco Resort, in their ever expanding horizon has succeeded in coming up with the Bunga Raya (the local malay name for the Hibiscus) which is a high-end Island Beach Resort like no other.

This exclusive retreat offer packages that matches its 5-star service reputation, and to top that, personalized facilities that could make most beach resorts envious.
The timber villas are nicely tucked away in the tranquil and hidden Polish Bay on Gaya Island, with a 1-km stretch of white sandy beach fronting it. Each villa is built to reflect the simple but elegant architectural style that is unique to Borneo, and blended-in carefully with the natural surrounding vegetation for the aesthetic pleasure of discerning guests.

The launch in August 2009 sees the completion of 2-years of hard work and planning, and the simultaneous start of operation for its 47 units of accommodation, which ranges from Standard Villas to Royal Villa. Facilities at the resort includes an Infinity Pool, a Jungle Spa, Trekking Course, a Dive Centre, Water Sports Centre, Conference Facilities for 200 people, a Fitness Centre, a Wine Cave and a Beach-Bar & Grill aside from the Clubhouse which commands a grand view of the South China Sea.

By the way, the resort is for grown-ups only! Children under the age of 12 are not allowed. This we were told was set in to conserve the pristine conditions of the island which is far from the hustle, bustle and stress of the city.

By Mizal Khan

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